Carmel Film Forum

The Carmel Film Forum's purpose is to provide an opportunity for those making films to discuss their experiences, encourage those who want to become filmmakers, and learn from professionals in the field. 

Moriarty Media thanks Mayor Brainard and the Carmel City Council for supporting the Carmel Film Forum. Additionally, Moriarty Media wants to thank Sharon Kibbe and Nancy Heck, of the mayor's office, for their assistance. Thanks to Dan Moore and Chris Overpeck of the Indy Film Fest, the fiscal sponsor for the Film Forum grants. Sara O'Sha, Christy Walker, and the Carmel Clay Public Library staff have embraced the Carmel Film Forum and have contributed their valuable time and resources.

"The Carmel Film Forum has been a great source of filmmaking skill development for me and many others..."

Monk Collins
Mermaid Moon Productions.
Plainfield, Indiana