Skill Shot, BABY! Feature Film Project

Shot, BABY! A Quirky Pinball Love Affair for Young Adults and Gamers of All Ages


Twenty-somethings Jake and Emma find their futures at a crossroads. When the singer in Jake’s band – and Emma’s fiancé – suddenly says goodbye to them both, they are forced out of the inertia of their lives. About to be homeless and jobless, Jake takes an unexpected turn when he meets an eccentric pinball machine salesman. Emma, stifled by her comfortable job and reeling from her broken engagement, resets her course toward a new future of her own design. And when Jake and Emma connect … it’s a sputtering love spark that they will have to work hard to kindle into something more. “Skill Shot, Baby!” is a quirky comedy about life, love, pinball, and music. The characters, the setting, and the unique look of the movie – a mix of live-action and avant-garde stop-motion animation – create a refreshing update of a classic story with humor, surprises, and strong youth appeal.