Ghost From The River Feature Film


When both of 17-year-old Dani's parents suddenly die, her life is turned upside down. Pulled out of her big-city life and plopped into a tiny town in rural Indiana with her rudderless and alcoholic aunt, Dani despairs about her present and her future. But Dani's disastrous situation begins to turn around as she learns the truth about her strange new home: a community of spirits and spiritualism that will show her a path forward. Dani learns about herself and a deep family secret. And she finds love in an unexpected place. Through spiritual growth and meeting a series of dramatic life challenges, Dani learns to accept her family’s heritage. Her future may remain uncertain, but her path is now her own to choose. This family film tells a story of love, acceptance, growth, and transcendence set in a small Midwestern town. It has humor, surprises, mystery, and heart that will delight all ages.