2022 Carmel Film Forum:
Big Picture Pinball Show & Narrative Design Workshop for Games & Movies

The 2022 Carmel Film Forum returned as a free event at the newly renovated main Carmel Clay Public Library's new Community Room with the “Big Picture Pinball Show and Narrative Design Workshop for Games and Movies.” The Film Forum was designed in three sessions and was presented publicly over two days to more than 260 community members, with 100 people signing up to watch a LIVE stream of the event. Session One was a storytelling workshop conducted by Nathan Bechtold, President of Indiana Filmmakers Network. Participants learned step-by-step world-building techniques and how to create immersive stories with compelling characters, locations, and situations. Session Two began with an interview with Mike Burgess, the Executive Producer of the "Skill Shot, BABY! Pinball Epiphany" short film. The producer, writer, and director of the film, local filmmaker James Moriarty, premiered the film. An actors' table read was held, performing the feature-length screenplay on which the short film was based. Session Three had a charitable theme. First, Rupert Boneham was interviewed about his television career on the reality show “Survivor” and his mission to start Rupert's Kids Arcade, which helps at-risk young people and gives them employment opportunities and mentorship. Filmmaker, Imoto Harney, premiered her new documentary about Project Pinball. This nonprofit charity places pinball machines in Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses to introduce therapeutic benefits to kids of all ages. After the documentary's screening, Zan Aufderheide, a comedian, and charity auctioneer, who helps nonprofits across the country, interviewed Imoto Harney and the founder of Project Pinball, Daniel Spolar, about Imoto's documentary film and Daniel's charity.